Frequently Asked Questions

Why join the PTA?

By getting involved with the PTA, you can help shape the opportunities provided to children at HFES; you can have input into decisions affecting students and school resources; and you get the “inside scoop” on what is going on at the school where your children spend lots of waking hours! The fundraising efforts of the PTA are critical to providing academic, cultural and social opportunities for students, staff and families as well as providing a large role in helping to fund curriculum-based programs, building improvements, and assisting teachers with obtaining resources needed to improve classroom education.

Plus, did you know that being a PTA member entitles you to some great member benefits through the National PTA, Virginia PTA, and Hunt District PTA? These discounts alone will pay for your very affordable $12 dues to join the PTA! To learn more go to the following sites: 


How is the PTA financed?

The PTA is financed through a variety of sources. The most substantial source of funding is the Direct Donation Campaign (DDC) program (discussed below). In addition, funds are obtained through PTA membership (discussed above). Funds are also raised through our Support While You Shop Programs - which is at no expense to you - but yields thousands of dollars for the PTA. The PTA also receives funds through the Box Tops program which yields hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars each year.  Small amounts have also been received each year through other sources such as spirit/dining nights at local establishments and some funds are raised through concession sales at social events. We’ve also been really blessed to have a few generous donations made by local business owners. The PTA also has the opportunity to gain funds via PTA Grants.


Why are funds raised through the Direct Donation Campaign (DDC)?

School surveys have repeatedly shown that the overwhelming majority of parents prefer a one-time donation over one or more traditional fundraising efforts.  In addition, the funds raised through the DDC program go directly to the school, as opposed to a relatively small percentage which goes to the school from traditional fundraising efforts. Finally, fundraising through the DDC program saves an inordinate amount of time and energy for everyone involved! 


How are the funds used?

Funds are used for an amazing number of deserving events and resources. For instance, all of the social events at HFES, such Bingo, Winter Fest, and the multicultural program are completely free to students, staff and their families to attend. The PTA also funds extracurricular events such as Mileage Club, Odyssey of the Mind, and Reflections. The PTA also provides substantial funding to enhance the school curriculum, such as helping to fund technology improvements, new software, and the Guided Reading Library. The PTA will also be providing financial assistance where needed for students to participate in the After School Enrichment Program (ASEP). In addition, the PTA provides funds to the Parent Liaison to assist where needed in providing clothing, supplies or meals to families in need. The PTA also provides resources for our very deserving teachers such as financial assistance for classroom materials and a back-to-school luncheon. This is just a sampling of where the money goes!


How can I get involved?

Attend PTA meetings!  Every meeting is open to everyone and you can learn about what is going on at the school and have input into critical decisions.  Also, please consider volunteering.  There are lots of places where you can serve, depending on your interests and availability.  To find out what opportunities exist, visit the PTA website, follow us on Facebook or email the PTA President, Lauren Wolejsza at and she will be glad to help you explore where you can get involved!